• Engaging and Insightful

    Well versed in the field of mental health and addictions, Brad connects with audiences of all ages through his energetic enthusiasm and education. Using poetry, Brad's unique perspective combines his story with empowering messages of hope and awareness.

    " Brad comes across to his audience as real, vulnerable, and honest. Drawing from both lived and professional experiences he covers topics including addictions, recovery, healing and wellness. His messages are peppered with profound wisdom, and his powerful story reminds people that there is always hope. It is Brad's ability to incorporate his own poetry that separates him from other speakers on these topics. He continues to be an inspiration not only to me, but countless others. "





    Allan Kehler, B.Ed, B.PhEd.

    Motivational Speaker

    Saskatoon, SK

    Out From the Shadows Consulting

    " Brad has spoken for our schools at a mental health and addiction event for the past 3 years. Brad is a very genuine and dynamic speaker. He is very open and real with the students, but is very aware of speaking at an age appropriate level. Brad includes his poetry in his speaking, which gives the students another way of learning about who Brad is and what his experiences have been. As Brad walks you through his journey, he keeps you on the edge of your seat, experiencing many different emotions as you empathize with him, and leaves you shaking your head wondering how could someone have such strong skills of resilience. He is funny, energetic, dramatic and young at heart. I would recommend Brad to speak for any age group. He is a joy to have around. "


    Liza Dahl

    Addictions Educator

    Sun West School Division

  • Event Presentation Topics

    Addiction Awareness

    Recognizing risks and warning signs in the present moment while breaking stigmas and stereotypes.

    Recovery Methods

    Stepping out of the way of familiar habits.

    Inspiring Change

    Discovering a new purpose and cultivating hope.


    Identifying our internal reactions and defense mechanisms.

    Mental Health Awareness

    Providing education about mental health in the workplace. Guiding ourselves away from judgement and towards education.
  • About Brad Siroski

    When given the opportunity to share his story in high schools, Brad jumped at the chance and quickly realized just how influential your story can be. This began his journey into speaking, educating, and breaking stigmas around mental health and substance use. After overcoming his own battles, Brad quickly realized that his most powerful tool was his voice.


    A recurring theme in Brad’s speaking is perseverance. He overcame many hurdles in his addictions and was once again tested when he received a cancer diagnosis in 2015. Brad faced this head on and is currently living cancer free. This experience gives Brad a unique perspective on how people are treated when struggling with addictions in comparison to struggling with a disease.


    Brad is an engaging speaker and quickly captures the attention of his audience. He has a no-nonsense, straight-forward approach, which combined with his sense of humour, is refreshing. Brad is easy to relate to, as he is more than willing to share his personal stories. These things, mixed with his unorthodox use of poetry while speaking, makes him informative and unforgettable. His presentations range from lived experience to educating on a wide range of mental health and wellness topics.


    Brad received a Mental Health and Addictions diploma through the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology. He has learned a lot about the Indigenous culture and holds these teachings in high regard. He has also incorporated a holistic approach of healing into his professional and personal life. Brad has been working as an Outreach Addictions Counselor since May 2019. He has recently been trained in Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. He has drafted a poetry book and is looking forward to its release. He intends to start a private practice as a Mental Health and Wellness Coach beginning January 2023. He is looking forward to the speaking engagements that are already booked and also has another exciting announcement slotted for this September.


    Through helping others and sharing his story, Brad has finally found his calling and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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